Things To Do Before School Starts Print

August has arrived with the new coming school year, and while we’re all rushing to the stores trying to get the latest in supplies, there’s still a special inch left in summer. That inch is where we all head out into the world with that one special summer goal that we have yet to accomplish. It’s definitely not too hot or cold for a day at the river or a pleasantly warm morning to cast a line out on the lake - or even take advantage of a weekend to spend with nature. Whatever your intentions are for a final summer blast, here’s what Canyon Lake has in store for you before school starts.

Whitewater. This awesome concert space has two more shows running in August. On the 19th, The Avett Brothers take the stage from 7pm to midnight - and during your final weekend on the 26th, have a final rock out with Gary Allan. Check out their website for tickets.

Toobing. In the hill country, everywhere you look there are toobers conglomerated on the rivers. An easy travel is the Horseshoe. Running along FM 306, just hop on at the bridge then float down, around, and meet the same bridge - you can hop on and off as much as you want. And a bit further down in New Braunfels, you’ll find the Comal offering the infamous ‘Chute.

Boating + Fishing. What’s being at a lake if you can’t indulge yourself in a little boating fun? Use one of the public access boat ramps to use your own or rent one. The mornings are extremely welcoming for fishing while the afternoons offer a great swim.

Staycation. While a nice trip to the beach sounds enticing, there’s plenty of accommodations here in Canyon Lake that offer a great staycation. Whether it’s just a weekend spent in the great outdoors or staying indoors with a great view of the lake, you’ll feel worlds away without going a single mile.