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The population growth of Canyon Lake has been dramatic, as expected, since the construction of the dam in the mid 60's. The US Census Bureau did not recognize Canyon Lake as a distinct community until 1980, so the initial growth was not tracked. The 42 percent growth in Comal County between 1980 and 1990 is largely due to the population increase within the Canyon Lake area. Lake area population is expected to double every 20 years.

With an estimated 1.1 million visitors per year, Canyon Lake is a showcase that brings previous visitors back to become permanent residents. Visitors, attracted by our unique blend of climate, recreation and culture, travel from all over the world, adding to the experience.



Canyon Lake is an unincorporated area, comprising the communities of Sattler, Startzville, Canyon City, and Hancock in Comal County, TX.

2000 estimated population: 29,000

The lake is 18 miles West of New Braunfels, the Comal County seat

23 miles WSW of San Marcos

44 miles N of San Antonio

54 miles S of Austin



Mid-summer average:     83.1° F

Mid-winter average:       51.5°F

Average Rainfall:            28.8 in/year



No State personal income tax

Sales tax: 8.25%

Comal County tax: (1998): .353747 per $100 assessed valuation

Comal Independent School District: (1998): 1.80 per $100 assessed value (frozen at age 65)

Homestead exemption: eligible to anyone who is in a primary residence in Comal County

by Jan. 1 of the tax year.)

Contact the county assessor for your particular circumstances but generally you receive 20% off the assessed tax value of your home, for the CISD you receive the 20% plus an additional $15,000 off of the assessed value and for the Farm Road and Flood assessment you receive the initial 20% reduction plus an additional 3%.



5 Banks

4 Mortgage companies

1 Investment company

6 Title company

1 Financial Planning company



1 Physicians (General Practice)

3 Dentists

2 Chiropractic clinics

Christus Santa Rosa: New Braunfels

Canyon Lake Medical Clinic: Sattler

Smithson Valley Family Medicine

Central Texas Medical Center: San Marcos

3 Fire/Emergency Medical Service Stations : Sattler & Startzville & Hancock



5 attorneys

3 Certified Public Accountants

3 Veterinarians

1 Pharmacy: Sattler




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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it